Housing Programs

1 Supervised Community Residence - CR These programs are supervised 24 hours per day. These residences typically house 8 – 15 individuals in one large house. Food is provided. Residents are offered all restorative services, generally with an emphasis on Daily Living Skills such as cooking, cleaning, personal hygiene, food shopping and money management. Medication is supervised as needed.
2 SRO Community Residence (CR-SRO) This level offers individuals their own bedrooms usually in a large building with up to 50 residents. Staff supervision is present 24 hours per day. It is recommended that residents prepare their own meals. A meal plan may be available for purchase depending on location. Restorative services are available.
3 Apartment Treatment - ATP These programs typically receive staff visits several times each week, depending on level of need. There are generally 2 – 3 residents per house or apartment. Residents are expected to have good daily living skills, and be able to hold their own medication. Food is not provided. Instead, residents receive an allowance, which is used to purchase food and cleaning supplies. Applicants should have some ability to manage their own medications.
4 Supported Housing - SHP Supported Housing programs vary. Programs may offer shared apartments, houses for three individual adults, or families. Individuals residing in Supported Housing pay 30% of their monthly income toward their rent. The rest of their rent is subsidized. Residents of these programs live fairly independently, and may receive visits 1- 4 times monthly. Supported Housing is considered long term housing.